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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

I was out walking on the beach, with my daughter recently. The tide was in, and the waves were gently lapping against the shoreline. The sea was very calm, the birds were just sitting, bobbing on the surface. It was evening time, and the sun was beginning to set. My daughter turned to me and said, “Mum this is absolutely perfect, it makes me feel calm on the inside and happy all over”. She was right. It was just perfect.

As I was walking along I was looking at all the stones lying on the beach. I began to pick a few up, and had quickly filled my pockets. The stones were different colours, shapes and sizes, even different textures. They were all very beautiful. They were lying together, jumbled up, on top of one another, some hidden under the sand, some lying in the water, others with sea weed attached, others broken, some homes for creatures, some alone. So many...all different. Yet all perfect in their own unique way.

It struck me, in those moments, and upon reflection, that as each stone is unique and individual, we, as humans are each unique and individual. We are all jumbled together, in society, making our way as best we can. Some of us are right out front, shouting, running, screaming, being seen and heard. Others are more quiet, hidden in the background. Some of us have broken bits, some of us have rough edges, some have been smoothed out over time, most of us have baggage attached, all of us are different. Yet we are all perfect in our own unique way.

Most stones started off life in a “soft form”, such as magma, or sediment. Through various processes, and evolutions, and over long periods of time, they became solid. They became the stones we see in our hands today.

Although life is full of threats that come at us from all directions, at the core of each of us, is love and solidity. Things may shake us and make us feel “soft”, but each of us has within us, immense strength and power. Our soul is within, guiding and knowing. When we can look within and connect with ourselves in a loving way, we will feel solid, just like the stones. And just like the stones, it will take various evolutions of self, and perhaps long periods of time...but the end result is one of such beauty it will take your breath away.

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