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Relationship Mentoring

“Humans are born with a bias to express themselves and to release content stirred up within their emotional system”

- Dr Deborah McNamara

Emotions are something that all humans have and share in common with other mammals. They are instinctual in nature with both physical and chemical activation in the body. We cannot prevent our emotions from rising inside of us.

The ability to recognise and names one's feelings fosters personal growth over a lifespan. The more we can cultivate an unconditionally loving relationship with ourselves, the less likely dark spaces within will reside. When we push down and repress our emotions these dark spaces grow and we have to fill them in a substitute way.

The “heart” connection with ourselves is of paramount importance to all our relationship and friendships in life. Looking at our story and the wise and creative responses we developed to experiences in our lives, helps us develop compassion and understanding for ourselves.

As we grow our self compassion, the space in our hearts opens up and our compassion and love for others grows too. I work with individuals on a 1:2:1 basis, creating a safe space for them to explore all aspects of self. As a Relationship Mentor who is professionally trained and experienced, I provide an unconditional, non-judgmental and compassionate safe space to create a strong relationship with my client. This creates the safety for the individual to explore their relationship with self and others.

Everyone deserves to be compassionately, seen, heard, and held in their suffering.  The therapeutic support that I provide allows individuals to experience this holding.  

In recent times, there has been more and more research in the field of Psychotherapy and Counselling which shows that it is not the type of therapy/counselling that is the significant influence on effectiveness; the significant influence is the relationship between Therapist and Individual.

Through the process of a loving, open, kind enquiry and safe holding between myself and my client, what emerges is a realisation of the true nature, vast intelligence and creativity which has been used to protect the self in the face of hurts and suffering in our lives. I believe that all humans have their own answers, and I am privileged to work with people to
help them find these.

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