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"The greatest gift I can give is to see, hear, understand, and to touch another person.  When this is done I feel contact has been made."

- Virginia Satir

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Hi, I'm Aoife (she/they),

I am deeply interested in the human condition and understanding individual stories.  I have learned and come to understand, that developing an unconditionally loving relationship with yourself is the first step towards having an unconditional and loving relationship with others.  I believe that compassion, kindness, care, and love are fundamental to creating the safety needed for an individual to begin to explore what may be challenging them.  

I work with adults, parents, adolescents, company leaders, single parents, anyone that finds themselves needing a safe space to sit, be heard, and accompanied through the challenges they find themselves repeatedly facing.  I have a strong interest and experience in working the LGBTQIA+ community.  

I mentor company leaders in various aspects of conscious leadership. I believe that when conscious leadership is present in companies, it is possible to harness and promote the unique strengths of individuals, which in turn makes the company more effective and efficient. Strong relationships within organisations are fundamental to diverse, inclusive, and successful companies. Relational safety is key to creating this type of organisation, and relational safety starts in relationship.

I have worked with senior management and employees in a variety of organisations including One Family, Ask Direct, Transgender Equality Network Ireland, Dublin YWCA, The Kings Hospital School, Waywords Journals, Finn Valley High and more.

I lecture part-time on the MA The Psychotherapy of Relationship Mentoring and facilitate group process and reflective practice for students.

Fully validated member of IARM, Pre-accredited member NAPCP, APA Fully Qualified Accredited Member. 


Holding Hands

“Deep transformational change is never transactional.  It is always relational.”

- Aiko Bethea

Parent Mentoring

Parent Mentoring, provides parents with a safe space and compassionate holding, where they can explore their story, and meet any challenges they are experiencing as a parent. 


How you treat yourself will heavily influence how your raise your children. When we learn to have an unconditional loving relationship with ourselves we are in a conscious place to raise our children.

Relationship Mentoring

I work with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis creating a safe space for them to explore all aspects of Self.


As a Relationship Mentor who is professionally trained and experienced,  I provide an unconditional, non-judgmental and compassionate safe space to create a strong relationship with my client. This creates the safety for the individual to explore their relationship with self and others.

Therapeutic support is for everyone.  We all deserve to be seen and heard and to be held in our suffering.  I offer this holding to all clients. 


— Miranda

"Aoife came into my life when I felt like I had lost all direction.  Her guidance, words and most of all compassion allowed me to find a strength within myself I never knew existed. Today I have a better relationship with my partner, my colleagues, friends and family.  More importantly I have a better relationship with myself. In just a short period of time I see myself in the most beautiful light and I am so thankful to Aoife for guiding me on that journey".

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