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Feeling alone and lonely ...?

I've been speaking to friends, family and clients recently about loneliness … during lockdown particularly.

Many people are busier then ever, trying to manage the work/life balance from the kitchen table, homeschooling, entertainment and then add ZOOM meetings into the mix … however, it seems that although we are busier and more digitally connected, many of us our feeling more isolated and alone then ever.

The feelings of being alone, and lonely, while surrounded by lots of people will be familiar to many I'm sure, and now because of lockdown and physical distancing, many others are becoming conscious of what it means. We are 'busy' but not connected with others.

For me, its the feeling of not being able to share how I am really feeling in the moment. Its trying to navigate the rocky terrain, with a smile on my face, when inside, I don't know where I'm going and I just want someone to see my pain and how difficult it is. It is the denial of my lived and felt experience in the world.

No one else can know what is going on inside of us, the pain of our inner world, unless we share it with them. Firstly, its important to acknowledge our suffering to ourselves, and to try to understand the source of that suffering. Secondly, sharing your feelings with someone that you have a supportive relationship with can really help. This might be a partner, a family member, a friend, a colleague or a professional. Mostly when you share these feelings, it is enough that you are heard.

Feeling alone and lonely is very difficult. And it is something that is very hard to acknowledge and say to another. But I strongly encourage anyone that is struggling to please speak up, you do not have to do this on your own.

I have learned to reach out and ask for help when I need it. I have learned to acknowledge, name and validate my felt experience. It has had great benefits both for me and for my family. And I'm worth it. ❤️

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