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Family Wellbeing
This is a 6 week course looking at the key principles in developing and maintaining nurturing relationships between parents and children. This will be a safe space for parents to come and express what is going on for them, and be met with empathy and kindness. This course looks at all aspects of parenting children of all ages. Courses will cover topics including but not limited to:


  • The importance of Self Care

  • Family relationships and feelings

  • Challenging behaviours

  • Communication

  • Boundaries (setting and holding)

  • The Art of Encouragement


The Teenage Years
This is a 6 week course that looks at all aspects of parenting teenagers. Crossing the bridge from childhood to adulthood is and extremely daunting time, both for the adolescent and the parent. The discussion on this course will look at understanding the maturing dynamics, increasing awareness and need for autonomy, becoming a sexual being and teen resistance.

Realising your Potential - What about me?
This 6-8 week course looks at individuals and their own personal growth in the face of caring for children/having a career etc.

Whole School Approach

Emotional Wellbeing, at the heart of school communities (Please contact me directly for details of this course)

“Methods of any kind are strategies, and strategies do not open the hearts door. It has to be blown open by a great wind, the wind of love, which is the only thing that will truly carry you away.”

- Roger Housden/Kabir

Workshops / Talks


Parents often put themselves at the end of the list when it comes to self care.  This workshop explores the reasons why this might happen, and looks at why this needs to change.  When we fill our own emotional cup first we are in a better place to look 

after those around us. 


“Parenting in a Pandemic"

Parents have been struggling recently with trying to be all things to all people, a wife, mother, teacher, cleaner, housewife, employee, company director etc. etc.  How can parents find balance, and look after themselves in the midst of this very challenging global disaster?


 "Clear and Direct Communication"

Communication is a fundamental life skill, and is imperative in families.  This workshop/course in clear and direct communication gives families the tools needed to communicate assertively, to recognise each others needs and to collaborate together​. 

"Nurturing the Natural Roots of Self Esteem”
Parents are ideally positioned to nurture an intrinsic sense of self work and self esteem within their children, that will help children achieve their full potential.

How we make sense of anxiety by reconnecting with I.

“Roots of Resilience and Resourcefulness”
Human beings find creative solutions to problems/threats all the time This workshop will look at the different ways in which resilience is always present and what parents can do to nurture it in children.

“Relationship Matters - Building Strong Connections with Kids”


“Raising Children in a Digital Age”


“Making Sense of Discipline”


“Happy Parent, Happy Child”


“The Good Enough Parent”


“Children's Challenging Behaviours”


“The Art of Encouragement - growing responsible children”


“Keeping the Peace - Managing Conflict”


All of the above courses, workshops and talks can be adapted to suit individual and group/school/organisational needs. If you have a specific topic in mind that is not listed above, please contact me directly and I can work with you to meet your needs. I can tailor make your parenting talk/course/workshop to suit your individual requirements.

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