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The Magic Of Dreams !

1st August 2019

Today I thought I would write a short post about Dreams, how magical they are and the symbolism to be found within them.

It is only in recent years that I have begun to understand that dreams really are a gift from our soul. They are present to bring us closer to ourselves and who we truly are in the deepest reaches of our inner beings. Dreams can tell us, ‘where I am, where I need to be, and how I can get there.’

Dreams are our stories, and they are always meaningful. As a dream represents your story, you are the best interpreter of your dreams. You will always know unconsciously what your dream means to you. To unpack a dream, is too look beneath the literal presentation of the dream and see what meaning is beneath. What is your unconscious mind, your soul, trying to bring to your attention, bring to consciousness ? What is your inner core trying to communicate to you ?

Everyone in your dream is you, or a part of you, an aspect of you. So you need to look at each person in the dream and think about what they represent to you, and then take that and apply it to yourself. They represent something in you, or a part of yourself. Remember that you are the expert on the dream and what it means, because you are the one that so creatively designed it !

If you are having a recurring dream you can ask yourself what message are you somehow not getting ? the dream will keep occurring until you get the message your soul wants to reveal to you.

When we really tune into ourselves our dreams can reveal such magical things to us !

I had a dream recently that was very simple and yet very powerful. At first I didn't understand it, but with the help of my mentor I unpacked it and found huge meaning and resonance. Dreams are always about symbolism and resonance. They are always about what they mean for YOU. You will know what resonates for you, and no one else can tell you what your dream means ... you will always know, on some level. You may need help with it, but ultimately your inner wisdom will guide you to find your own truth.

The dream that I had was a funny little one: I was walking up a hill, a steep hill, but it was manageable. As I was walking I was very aware about the need for sun protection factor cream. I was saying to myself, you have SPF 30 and SPF 50 but Aoife, you need SPF 100 ! It's so important that you are well protected you need SPF 100. Then I wondered to myself if it was even possible to get SPF 100 ? And I kept walking and I was getting a bit anxious about not having SPF 100. The hill was high, and I kept thinking if i don't get SPF 100 I could be in trouble here. That's all I remember but I woke up the next morning and remembered it very clearly and still had a strong sense of urgency around SPF 100. My husband laughed at me, and said “you've always been obsessed with not getting sunburned” … that was his literal interpretation of my dream, that it was about the good weather we have been having lately, and me worrying about getting sunburn. But I knew it was something deeper.

I spoke with my personal mentor and we explored the dream. I've had a few things going on recently that have left me feeling somewhat exposed and uncomfortable. What arose very strongly for me was that I need to protect myself, and look out for myself around these situations. I need to ensure that I am “protected” when I enter into these things, and that I know exactly what is going on, not just 30/50% of things, but that I know 100% and that I am in control. I need to protect myself and not leave things to others.

The meaning of this dream was really profound for me. It resonated deeply and was such a direct and powerful message from my soul, to my consciousness. It enabled me to know exactly what I need to do now, for me, in a conscious and mature way.

When looking at dreams there are a number of questions you can ask yourself to help you interpret them:

What is the main theme ?

What am I doing in the dream ?

What are others doing in the dream ?

What are my feelings in the dream ?

What are my thoughts in the dream ? What thoughts stand out for me ?

Are there any words/objects that stand out ?

Where is the dream located ?

What is the dream suggesting that I do now ?

Why am I having this dream now ?

What is trying to emerge for me ?

I had another dream last year, that is still with me. I haven't been able to find the meaning in it exactly … and something is still trying to break through to me because I can't forget it. It involved Fyodor Dostoevsky. I was in a desert and there was voice saying “Dostoevsky, ask the question, answer the question” .. there was also an older man in the distance pointing his finger at me and saying “You know” .... I'm still working on this one, but i have no doubt when the time is right I will find what needs to emerge and understand the meaning in this one.

I am still getting to know myself and my dreams continue to guide and advise me … when I choose to listen.

I have come to see the magic, beauty, wisdom and creativity contained within my dreams, and the dreams of others that I work with. I am in awe of all of us and the wisdom we hold within us. Let your dreams be your guide to your souls/psyche deepest longing !

Please share with me any dreams that you have, and if you have managed to find meaning in them.

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